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IBAN: BG56UNCR70001523011194
Bank: Unicredit Bulbank
Address: Sofia, 7 St.Nedelya Sqr.
Name: Foundation "Himera"
Reason for payment: Donation
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Donations cassettes

Everyone can make a donation for HIMERA FOUNDATION in one of the boxes at the following addresses:
             1. "Blue Cross" Clinic - Pancharevo, 1, Chereshova gradina Str., Sofia, Bulgaria
             2.Hotel for dogs-Bourgas- Medovo, 8000 Bourgas

By donating to the Chimera Foundation, in addition to helping you achieve your goals and objectives, you can also benefit from tax breaks.
This is possible because the foundation is a non-profit legal entity registered in the Central Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities for Public Benefit Activity.
  For legal entities / companies: for tax purposes, accounting costs for donations totaling up to 10% of accounting profit are recognized.
Legal basis - Art. 31, para. 1, item 14 of the Corporate Income Tax Act.  
For individuals: the amount of the annual tax base is reduced by up to 5% for donations made during the year.
Legal basis - Art. 22, para. 1, item 1, letter "l" of the Personal Income Tax Act.

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