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During her stay at a dog hotel a misfortune happened to that kind girl – her owner died. She had been an English woman who had loved Tilly very much but she had lived alone.
Tilly has no longer a home, she has no longer a host, she has nothing! Tilly has always been raised as pet. This is another hard situation. Due to her great heart Daria Hulka left Tilly in her dogs hotel as a guest almost three years ago.
But even compassion has its limits. Daria says: “I am extremely at difficulty. I cannot keep her anymore and I cannot take her to a shelter.
Please help me to find together a home for Tilly.
She is a wonderful young dog, healthy, vaccinated and castrated. She has good temper, she is joyful and gets along together with various animals.”

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*Header photography: Denis Buchel