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Benjy is 7 years old. He has been raised at home and with much love until very soon. His owners contacted us asking to find a new home for him because he had started growling at their six old child. Whatever the reason was, now there is a newly-born baby in the family and they definitely cannot keep Benjy any more.
He is in the hotel for two months already and we can assure you how kind, sociable and adaptable he is. He doesn’t like somebody to enter his private space (his bed) which could be the reason for his problem with the boy. We know that humans, not dogs, are these who need training. This is of no importance now.
Benjy needs a new home, he needs new loving hosts. He needs humans who can understand him, calm him and raise him till the end. The dog is now at the Dog hotel in Bourgas. Benjy needs luck and good energy.
P.S. Benjy’s eyes are very sad. They always know when they are betrayed. Always.